The Database Matrix: Choosing a Contact Management System

This 7-part series walks through how to chose a contact management system that makes sense for you to maximize digital and on-the-ground engagement.

Beating Facebook's Algorithms

How can we work with Facebook's algorithms to maximize engagement and visibility of our posts?

Getting it Right: A Communications Toolkit

A toolkit to help us strengthen the way we speak about the water challenges in British Columbia to our friends and family, elected officials and the media.

7 Ways to Honour a Long Tradition of Stewardship

On National Indigenous Peoples Day, we wanted to acknowledge a long and living tradition of First Nations stewardship and leadership for waters.

Luvvie on Storytelling

At the 2018 Non-Profit Technology Conference, communications guru Luvvie Ajayi shared five tips on how to be a better storyteller.

Engagement Organizing Checklist

Are you trying to up the effectiveness and impact of your engagement and volunteer initiatives? Here’s a handy checklist!

Shooting Blind: Why You Need a Theory of Change

How a Theory of Change can help your organization to be more strategic in achieving its goals.

Seeing is Believing: A Guide to Visual Storytelling

This guide from Resource Media explains why images matter more than ever, and how to incorporate them into an effective communications strategy.

Five tips for effective list-building

Lists are just data. It's the people who are on the list who really matter.

Getting off the Frack Track

In 2014, Nova Scotia and New Brunswick joined Quebec in halting hydraulic fracturing for shale gas. What were the key strategies of the anti-fracking campaigns?

Citizen Scientists Find Phosphorous Hotspots around Manitoba

In Southern Manitoba, citizen scientists have been collecting water samples to to shed light on phosphorous pollution.

Monitoring for Lake Health

The Lake Windermere Ambassadors have engaged volunteers to measure and monitor the lake for 11 years. This piece describes the program and lessons learned.

Does Organizing Make a Difference? The Vote for Water Campaign and BC's Election

A look at how engagement efforts of environmental organizations may have influenced the 2017 provincial election in BC.

The Art of Reframing: The Social Life of Water exhibition

A look at how a museum exhibition in the Okanagan, BC used art and storytelling to challenge dominant water narratives in the semi-arid valley.

Farming on Wet Lands: One Farmer's Journey

How one farmer is trying to work with the landscape by constructing wetlands on her farm.

Of Aquifers and Uncertainty: Sustainable Water Use in Twin Lakes, BC

One woman's mission to protect a vulnerable aquifer from being taxed.

Stormwater Scorecard: How communities in Canada are addressing stormwater runoff

Results from the stormwater scorecard survey, completed by representatives from 30 communities across the country in summer of 2017.

Freshwater Insights: National Opinion Polling

Results of a nation-wide poll on freshwater opinions and attitudes conducted in August 2013.

BC Freshwater Opinion Polling

In the summer of 2018, British Columbians were asked their opinion on major freshwater issues like the potential for water crises, industrial water rates, and current water policies.

Water Sustainability and the City

A report outlining findings from research with local government on challenges to urban water sustainability and legal and policy solutions (from Dec 2017).

Great Lakes Need Great Laws

By the Forum on Leadership in Water (FLOW) to the federal Standing Committee on Fisheries and Oceans on its Review of Changes to the Fisheries Act (from Nov 2016)

Full Spectrum Engagement

A guide by New/Mode on field-tested strategy for activating grassroots power, targeting decision makers and moving them do the right thing.

Protecting Water Our Way: First Nations and Water Governance in BC

A report by the First Nations Fisheries Council on First Nations-led initiatives to protect fresh water in BC.

Building Momentum: How to Activate Supporters Ahead of Your Next Election

This guide by New/Mode is provides actionable steps to activate your network to get supporters to actively engage with your message or cause.

Optimizing Wastewater in the Grand River watershed

Wastewater effluent is a key driver of algae-causing nutrient pollution in lakes, rivers and streams. The Grand River Conservation Authority is working to address that.

Achieving Target 1 webinar

How can we achieve Target 1 of Canada's Biodiversity Strategy to protect 17% of land and freshwater by 2020? Find out at this free webinar with guest speakers Stephen Hazell and Eli Enns.

Engaging the Persuadables Intro Series

How can we engage our communities to defend our freshwater? Learn some tips and tricks in this free intro series.

Global Water Futures

Learn how GWF is working with hundreds of researchers to deliver watershed management solutions in cold-weather regions impacted by climate change. 

Reforming Canada's Environmental Laws

In March 2018, the Federal Government reformed major environmental laws, proposing changes to how land, water and species are protected in Canada. But do they go far enough?

Downstream Impacts: Defending Wood Buffalo National Park

WBNP is an important cultural, spiritual and ecological site. But upstream industrial projects are putting this UNESCO biosphere under threat.

Rights of Rivers

In New Zealand, India and Ecuador, rivers have been granted legal personhood. What does it mean for a water body to gain human rights? How might we go about doing this in Canada?

Community-Based Watershed Monitoring: Insights and lessons learned

In this webinar, we explore opportunities and challenges related to community-based watershed monitoring in British Columbia.

Building Climate Resilience at Water's Edge

Longtime U.S. environmental leader Rebecca Wodder shares her vision for adapting to climate threats by building natural and social capital via freshwater work.

Federal Call to Action on Freshwater

Our Living Waters director and steering committee member present the launch of a call to action to put water on the agenda of the next government of Canada.

The Commons Connection

Paul Baines of Great Lakes Commons shares what a "commons" approach to water has to offer

How New Brunswick Got off the Frack Track

In 2014, the province of New Brunswick issued a moratorium on hydraulic fracturing. This webinar looks at how concerns over freshwater health were central to community mobilizations.

Wetlands: From Science to Action

Wetlands are an essential part of aquatic ecosystems. They filter runoff, improving water quality, and absorb excess quantity. But not all wetlands are created the same.

Floods in Canada: On the Rise

Major flood events in Canada have been steadily increasing over the past century. This piece takes a look at floods in Canada.

Local Governments & Freshwater Protection

Resources that help break down the role of municipal governments in protecting freshwater and how we can engage them to be freshwater leaders.