Being a freshwater steward isn’t just about advocating for sound freshwater decision-making.  It’s about fundraising, communications, government relations, public outreach, organizational management and and and…

Alliance Project Director Lindsay Telfer knows what it’s like to work in the trenches of a small place-based environmental organization.  During her years as the director for the Sierra Club Canada’s Prairie Chapter she built, designed and rolled out numerous programs and campaigns, often alongside communities on the front lines of some of the countries biggest environmental (and freshwater) challenges.

She often thought to herself “if I could only make managing my volunteer’s less work, or at the least have more of them building our movement.”

“Having a resource like the Freshwater Alliance when I was doing my work on the ground in Alberta would have been invaluable!  I know it would have resulted in more victories and a more engaged freshwater constituency in the province!”

Therefore, to help all of you we’ve made a selection of our favourite and most popular resources FREE for your use. Material’s contained in this section will rotate with new and valuable tools, tips and reports. 

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