Act now to prevent algal blooms in Lake Erie

Remember the '90s?


Summers at your local beach blasting the radio? Wearing neon shorts and scrunchies? Oreos and Kool-Aid? Well, the technology, fashion, and food might have improved, but the one thing going backward in quality is your local beach.

Despite being one of the Great Lakes, which should be a source of pride, Lake Erie has seen its share of abuse. It notoriously caught fire in 1969, but hard work from locals and environmental groups brought it back to life in the 1980s and '90s. Now, tragically, the water quality and safety has slid back.

Intense algae blooms (resulting in literal green slime) kills pets, harms kids, choke out wildlife, and are an overall bummer. The worst part is that all of this is avoidable. We know the cause, and the government has committed to delivering a plan to do something about it. The only problem? They're over two years late on delivering it.

After 18 months of COVID-19 lockdowns, people should at very least be able to enjoy their local water and beaches.

That's why we need your help to revive Lake Erie. Let's bring back the best part of the '90s—carefree days at the beach.

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We're having fun with this campaign, but it's not really funny. Help us get the government to commit to a date for the Lake Erie Plan.