River IQ

Test your River IQ!

Rivers, streams, and lakes that flow through British Columbia give life to our province. The water they carry is at the heart of everything we love about living here.

It’s also central to the issues we care about: from protecting species like salmon and orcas, to addressing climate change, supporting reconciliation with First Nations and preserving our ancient forests. But, how well do you know waters in BC? Our Water BC created a river guessing game to find out.

As you play, you’ll learn more about our remarkable waterways. Like which river is the longest in BC? (Hint: it’s not the Skeena). You’ll also get to know the threats affecting these rivers, like over-extraction and pollution. BC is home to hundreds of rivers, from the ones in your backyard to some of Canada’s longest.

It’s up to us to protect them. But first, let’s get to know them.