Freshwater Stream Podcast: Season 2

Episode 1: Lina Azeez in Coquitlam

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In the Freshwater Stream season two premiere, Danielle speaks with Lina Azeez, Coquitlam watershed resident and campaign manager for Watershed Watch Salmon Society, on the devastating flood events that occurred in the lower mainland in November 2021 and how we must rethink flood management to better protect communities and wild salmon.

Episode 2: David Slade in the Cowichan Valley

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This week Danielle speaks with David Slade, a water well driller in the Cowichan Valley. As the province’s March 1st deadline for groundwater license applications fast approaches with poor buy-in, Danielle and David discuss the potential groundwater crisis looming for BC’s aquifers.

Episode 3: Watershed Security: A Vision for BC’s Future

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What would our future look like if the provincial and federal governments invested in a Watershed Security Fund?

We envision what that future could look like for communities across BC with Mayor Toni Boot from the District of Summerland, Brodie Guy, CEO of Coast Funds, Russell Myers Ross from Yunesit'in First Nation, and Coree Tull, co-chair of the BC Watershed Security Coalition.