Stop Bill 66

Coordinated action ensured Bill 66 couldn't put Ontario waters at risk.

BREAKING NEWS: January 23, 2019 -- The Ontario Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing announced today that the government will be pulling Schedule 10 from Bill 66. Schedule 10 would have allowed municipalities to bypass important environmental legislation like the Clean Water Act (put into place after the Walkerton Tragedy) and the Greenbelt Act.

The Canadian Freshwater Alliance, along with many other environmental organizations, municipalities and tens of thousands of individual water defenders took action to voice our concerns. Congratulations, Ontarians! Your voice was heard and it made a difference!

Why we worked to stop Bill 66:

The Ontario government wanted to undermine the very rules that ensure we have safe water and a healthy environment.

If passed, Bill 66 would have allowed developers and industry to ignore several regulations that protect our health and our environment, including the Clean Water Act that protects our drinking water. These are the very rules that were developed after the Walkerton Tragedy, in which seven people died simply by drinking tap water.

Bill 66 would have also undermined several additional regulations that protect Ontario’s lakes and rivers, including the Great Lakes Protection Act, the Lake Simcoe Protection Act, the Greenbelt Act, the Oak Ridges Moraine Act, and the Toxics Reduction Act.