Now's Our Chance: Pass Bill C69

In February 2018, after two years of consultations, the federal government tabled Bill C-69. Since this time, the oil and gas industry has launched a campaign spreading misinformation about the bill in an attempt to quash these needed reforms to Canada's environmental laws.

This short, two-minute video also gives a great summary of what's happened so far and what's happening next. 

We have always believed that C-69—the bill that contains key amendments to the Environmental Impact, Energy Regulation and Navigable Waters laws—is far from perfect but it still does a much better job of protecting the environment than what’s currently on the books.

Put more simply, if Bill C-69 fails to get passed before Ottawa adjourns this summer, it will die, leaving us with the legislation brought in by the previous administration.

Bill C-69 has passed through Parliament, and now needs the approval of the Senate before it becomes law. And the Senate is taking their review very seriously. To date, however, they have only heard from industry groups and governments. in April, the Senate is setting out on a national tour to hear more perspectives on the Bill, visiting Vancouver, Calgary, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, Winnipeg, Quebec City, St. John’s, Saint John, and Halifax.

This is a chance for our voices to be heard!

There are three important actions you can take:

  1. Make a submission to the Senate.  This Brief should help you with this! We need to make sure Senate hears from voices across the country who support strong environmental laws! Email your submission to [email protected]. Submissions can come from individuals and/or organizations. It is important that they are individualized which is why we have not provided a more detailed template.  
  2. Ask to appear before Senate when they tour a community near you (some travel funds are often made available to support witness testimony). Email [email protected] TODAY!
  3. Join a community side event in one of the senate tour stops. Please connect with me and let me know if you are able to help support, and/or promote one of these local events.  

Below is a short 8-page brief to clarify why we need Bill C-69, what the bill would do is passed, areas where the bill could be improved, and what is happening next.