Banning Bottling Toolkit

A beginner's toolkit for pushing provincial legislation to secure BC's watersheds from commercial extraction.

This toolkit is a resource for you to draw upon as a local leader to help you connect with fellow community members, get the word about your issue out on social media, and build relationships with Members of Legislative Assembly. In sum, it's a one-stop-shop for the first steps, tools and resources to create freshwater change.

Inside this toolkit, you'll find a variety of tools to aid you in engaging and informing your community about issues related to water bottling, as well as tips to help you speak with your MLA about taking action against water extraction for bottling. 

These tools include: 

  • Letter-writing to MLAs
  • Gathering petition signatures
  • Submitting letters to the Editor
  • Social media resources
  • Meeting with your MLA

Check out the Banning Bottling Toolkit

Take your advocacy one step further. Let your local MLA know that BC's water is not for sale and that it's time to ban bulk bottling and export!