Meet our new Communications Lead!

We are excited to introduce you to Ashley, our new Communications and Digital Engagement Lead.

Ashley at the peak of Garibaldi Park's Panorama Ridge

Do you have a connection to water? When asked, most people can vividly recall a memory that is important to them. It might be a childhood spent learning each nook and cranny of the local lake or a vacation spent exploring wild beaches and thrashing oceans. These experiences, simple in their unfolding, can spark a deep connection to the waterways in which they take place.

- - - - 

My connection to water started when I was very young. Every weekend, my parents would load my siblings and me into our van, and take us to a nearby forest or lake to explore. Slathered in sunscreen, we’d pick our way up mountains or along shorelines, stopping to investigate every bit of flora and fauna we found along the way.

As an adult, I strive to follow in the example my parents set out for me by taking every opportunity I can to get outdoors – and it’s hard not to notice how many of those adventures have led me to water. People are drawn to water. Take a glance at a map of the world’s population and you'll see that the majority of us today live close to water – 80% to be precise! Whether it’s on the edges of lakes, near rivers, next to streams, alongside the ocean or on islands, we gravitate towards water.

- - - -

It is perhaps due to this gravitation that Canada’s waterways are facing more pressure than they have ever experienced before. Hundreds of years of population growth and land-use changes have dramatically altered our relationship with our local watersheds. Pollution, habitat loss, invasive species and climate change are rife. But there is hope on the horizon. From the grassroots to the governmental level, people are rallying for water. New technologies and approaches to existing methods are opening previously unexplored paths towards healthy freshwater. And as the Canadian Freshwater Alliance’s newest Communications and Digital Engagement Lead, I’m looking forward to helping build that brighter future. 

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