Five actions you can take for freshwater this World Water Day!

As you might have been able to guess already, we are big fans of World Water Day.

By: Ashley van der Pouw Kraan

It's great to have a dedicated day when the world is paying more attention to the gift that is water, celebrating it, and reflecting on its critical importance to every facet of human (and non-human) existence. After all, we need all hands on deck to secure the health of our shared waters. 

Feeling inspired to join the people around the world who are celebrating and working extra hard to protect water? Here are five steps you can take today!


1️⃣ Join the growing movement of those calling for a #BlueRecovery.

Hundreds of your fellow freshwater champions across the country have sent letters to the federal government asking them to make sure that investing in healthy watersheds is a key part of the Canadian COVID-19 recovery budget. With the budget just weeks away, now is the time to join them!

2️⃣ Listen to (and share!) our new podcast, the Freshwater Stream.

We're super excited to launch our first episode today, on World Water Day!

Listen and learn about the challenges facing B.C.'s local watersheds and what is being done to solve them.

3️⃣ Take action to help protect Lake Erie!

We're searching for individuals, families, households, and community groups to become Lake Erie Guardians! You'll be in charge of testing the water at a waterbody in the Lake Erie watershed, as well as helping with shoreline cleanups, removing invasive species and planting native trees and shrubs. Learn more about this fun, free program!

4️⃣ Clean litter around your local waterway.

Melting snow has revealed unsightly litter among many waterways across the country. Since we still don’t have much we can do, why not grab some gloves, (safely) grab a friend, and help clean up the mess before it enters our waterways? Snap a photo for your social media — it will inspire others to do the same (and feel free to tag us).

5️⃣ Sustain our freshwater advocacy!

When champions like you donate to the cause, you help grow our movement by increasing our financial stability. You can:

Whatever you do, we hope you enjoy your World Water Day!